2022 Handouts

Communication Conflict with Difficult People

A Quiz with No Wrong Answers - Questions & ResultsColor Chart

Anne-Marie Amiel, Columbus Consolidated Government

First Amendment Auditors: Exercising Rights and Wrongs, and Tips

Patrick Bonnot and Glenn Price, MIRMA

Developing a Workplace Violence-Prevention Program

Isaac Monson and Josh Honn, HUB International

 Five Things That Grab the Media’s Attention After an Officer-Involved Shooting

Richard Spiers, Claims Consultant 

 Decreasing Injury Risk at Work

Kristy Robinson and Leslie Borden, ARC Physical Therapy+

Psychological Claims vs. Physical Claims 

Katie Clifford, David Menghini, and Ryan Denk, MVP Law

 Lead Pipe Replacement Is on the Horizon: Be Prepared When It Goes Drip, Drip, BOOM! - Not Yet Available

Paula Essick and Danielle Tyler, J.S. Held LLC

Cyber slides

Cyber Insurance for Public Entities Tips

Peter Simonsen, Charlesworth Consulting, and Jason McMahon, Midwest Public Risk

SARS-CoV-2: The Physical and Legal Impacts (Group Panel Discussion) 

Steve McManus and Ryan Denk, MVP Law; and Randy Russell, Tara Swaney, and Dawn Kennedy, Select Physical Therapy

Everyone Wins When Employers Care About Employee Health


Anne-Marie Amiel, Columbus Consolidated Government

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